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"You found your first bit of treasure. Fine work! Our future depends on your efforts, so check you treasure hoard regularly. I'll check in often. Keep up the pace!"
— The President's first email in Pikmin 2

The President of Hocotate Freight (ホコタテ運送のキャプテン社長) is the owner or co-owner of Hocotate Freight, and a playable character in Pikmin 2. He also plays a minor role in Pikmin 3 Deluxe during the Olimar's Comeback side stories. In Pikmin 4, he is depicted in Olimar's logs and Louie's logs.

Although the President was not seen until Pikmin 2, he was alluded to by Olimar in his daily journal entries in the first game. The only known family member is his wife, who occasionally sends messages to him.


Earlier life

When he was younger, the President used to live in a small shed. If what he claims is true, he used to be an important name back when he was Louie's age.

During the events of Pikmin 2's story, it is revealed that the President is over 50 years old. Assuming The President started working at Hocotate Freight at least after he was 10, he's probably over 60 years old. Additionally, Hey! Pikmin reveals that The President is older than Captain Olimar, who is somewhere in his adulthood.

In Pikmin, Olimar references him in various entries for ship parts and daily logs, in which he is simply referred to as "boss".

The debt

The President in the Pikmin 2 opening cutscene

The President explaining the company's financial situation to Olimar

He runs into financial trouble after Louie, a new employee, shipping a supply of the very valuable Golden Pikpik carrots, is reportedly attacked by a ravenous space bunny who is said to have devoured the entire cargo of carrots. The President takes out a large loan to reimburse the loss of the golden Pikpik carrots, and has no way of repaying the enormous debt. He sells off the only company asset, Olimar's ship, the S.S. Dolphin, in Olimar's absence, but it only makes a small dent in the enormous loan, as × 10,100 are still owed.

This, occurring after the events of Pikmin, surprises Olimar who just returned to Hocotate. He is so surprised by the news, in fact, that he drops a souvenir he brought back from his adventure for his son. The souvenir, a bottle cap, is collected by the ship, which then evaluates the item as a treasure and worth × 100, reducing the debt to an even 10,000. The President then orders Olimar and Louie to recover more treasure so that the debt is repaid.

During their absence, the President sends periodic letters to the duo. He eventually discovers that the loan came from the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks instead of Happy Hocotate Savings & Loan, and goes into hiding from the loan company's threats, temporarily living under a bridge, and eating grass to survive. Eventually, he gets caught, and is threatened with death.

In Pikmin 3

At an unknown point after the events of Pikmin 2, the President squandered his newfound fortune on a failed business venture, consequently ordering Olimar and Louie to collect more treasure from PNF-404 to pay off Hocotate Freight's debts once again. He does not appear in person, having supposedly gone on vacation.

In Pikmin 3 Deluxe

In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the President plays a minor role in the Side Stories mode. In it, following Olimar's rescue from the Plasm Wraith, he and Louie inform the President that they abandoned the Hocotate ship. Furiously, the President demands that they go back to PNF-404 to retrieve it. While not appearing directly, his correspondence provides hints for the player in the day select and loading screens, and will also comment on the player's final score at the end of each level.

In Pikmin 4

In Pikmin 4, the President is depicted in Olimar's logs and Louie's logs. He does not appear in person. In this alternate timeline where Olimar never managed to leave PNF-404, The President sent Louie after Olimar in order to rescue him. However, instead of actually focusing on rescuing him, Louie instead focused on eating the local wildlife after getting sick of his grandmother's cookies, and falsified reports. Olimar was eventually rescued by the Rescue Corps.

Traits and abilities

Alarmed President

The President, determined to save Louie.

The President displays many of the same abilities of Olimar and Louie. His spacesuit consists of the suit he wore while on Hocotate (or one that looks identical), a helmet, and white gloves. His life-support backpack is also yellow, and his antenna bears the same blue light as Louie's. His whistle sounds more like a car horn than a regular whistle.


The President is the main source of mail in Pikmin 2 before the debt has been paid off, his news getting worse as he finds out that the lending agency he actually used was the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks, as opposed to Happy Hocotate Savings and Loan, and goes into hiding.

After the debt is erased, Louie is left behind on the planet, and the President goes to help Olimar find him (albeit with the intent of collecting the planet's remaining treasure). When switching to him while playing after that, he calls himself "Chacho", from ル・チャチョー?, which is said to be his real name in Japanese materials, and is a play on 社長? (lit.: "company president"). He becomes a playable character from then on, and permanently takes Louie's place as a Pikmin leader. His wife says in some pieces of mail that she is "the REAL boss" of the company, which is confirmed by the President's bio on the Pikmin Garden website.

In Pikmin 3, he is seen in various different Data Files that explain controls and other mechanics. Oddly, he has a yellow suit in the files, where he has a black suit with a yellow backpack in Pikmin 2. He is also referenced in some of Olimar's logs, such as comparing a similar looking snowman in the Distant Tundra, in which the nose is an Iron Ball which can be pushed out of place. Likewise, in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, he is referenced in Olimar's Log Vol. 2, with one actually being a message sent by him complaining about Olimar's lack of updates. He also cameos in Bingo Battle as the "Lucky Marble".


Pikmin Garden bio




出身星 ホコタテ星


関係者 妻(ホコタテ運送の大社長)

趣味 お金もうけ 夢 ホコタテ運送を宇宙一の会社にすること” Translation

“President of Hocotate Freight

Le Chacho

Home planet: Hocotate

President of Hocotate Freight. He loves money and works his employees hard, but he somehow has a hard to dislike personality. In his youth, he was a great adventurer who traveled throughout the universe.

Related persons: wife (great president of Hocotate Freight)

Hobbies: making money Dreams: making Hocotate Freight the greatest company in the universe


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  • According to the official Nintendo website, the real name of the president is Le Chacho.
  • The President is one of three leaders with facial hair, the others being Captain Charlie and the Pikmin 4 player character if the player chooses to give them a moustache.
  • If the player takes a long time to repay the last part of the debt in Pikmin 2, the President will get caught by debt collectors, though this does not cause anything else to happen.
  • When switching to him in Pikmin 2, The President will say his name, like Olimar and Louie. However, unlike them, his Japanese name is not the same as his English name.
  • In Olimar's voyage log he mentions his boss was in charge of the Pilot's Union. It is not known if he is referring to the President.

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