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The Rustyard is the second map included in the 3rd Downloadable Content of Mission Mode for Pikmin 3. It is a small rustyard with electric wires, tools, gloves, metal decorations, and bridges. The level is quite small and contains miniscule amounts of Fruit. The only real drawback is the high population of difficult enemies. The map is very much based off of the Parched Brook Bingo Battle Stage.

Collect Treasure[]

Pikmin (53)[]

Enemies (9)[]

Treasure (27)[]

Obstacles (13)[]

  • Electric Gate (x1)
  • Reinforced Wall (x1)
  • Small Crystal (x2)
  • Geyser (x3; two encased by Small Crystals)
  • Large Crystal (x4; two contain Golden Sunseeds, one contains a Dapper Blob, and one contains fragments)
  • Completed Electrode (x1)
  • Bridge (Requires 20 fragments)

Battle Enemies[]

Pikmin (20)[]

Enemies (18)[]

Obstacles (9)[]

  • Dirt Wall (x1)
  • Crystal Wall (x1)
  • Dirt Mound (x1)
  • Small Crystal (x1)
  • Geyser (x3; one encased in a Small Crystal)
  • Large Crystal (x2; both contain Blue 5 Pellets)


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