UV Lamp
This is not a mandatory ship part.
Weight 10
Max. Carriers 25 Pikmin
Location The Distant Spring

The UV Lamp is a luxurious yet expendable ship part in Pikmin, as it's not needed to be retrieved in order for Olimar to get off the planet. Captain Olimar says that the UV Lamp is so bright that he has to wear a sun visor just to look at it. It's great for tanning, but it doesn't have a relation to the S.S. Dolphin's flight capabilities. It's the lightest part in the game. In Pikmin 2, the Gherkin Gate is where this part was.

Collecting the Part

UV Lamp

The UV Lamp being retrieved by the Dolphin.

It is placed high upon a ledge accessible only by Yellow Pikmin, and Olimar must go through a maze to get to it. At least ten Yellow Pikmin are necessary to get the part, and the black stone wall to the right of the landing site must be destroyed with nine Bomb Rocks. There is a rocky, maze-like area to the right of the torn-down wall. The Pikmin should be swarmed against the walls when navigating up the pathways. They then must be thrown up onto the ledge, where they should pick up the part. Spotty Bulbears and Dwarf Bulbears might be in the way back if they haven't been defeated.


Discovery Notes

"I've found my UV Lamp! The only problem with this handheld light is that it can be too bright at times. I have to remember to wear my sun visor whenever I look into it."

Ship Log

"This handy light is great for tanning...but it doesn't seem to have any relation to the Dolphin's flight capabilities. I doubt that it will affect my escape from this planet. Perhaps there are other parts like this as well."


Before you kill the spotty bulbears, throw some blue Pikmin up onto the ledge around the corner. then hit the spotty bulbear so it starts to chase you and make it run into the lip of the ledge. Then you will glitch up onto the out of bounds and will be able to get the UV Lamp much easier. This glitch only works in the GameCube version.


  • Despite the UV Lamp's great similarity to a light bulb in appearance, Olimar notes on the Stellar Orb in Pikmin 2 that there is no technology like a light bulb on Hocotate.
  • This item was supposed to make an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga but was replaced with the Cobalt Necktie.
  • This ship part is the lightest in the entire game, needing only ten Pikmin to carry it.
  • UV stands for ultraviolet, a range of electromagnetic radiation wavelengths.

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