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Summary of my Existence on this Wiki

Hello. I am a relatively new editor on this wiki. I've been a silent fan of this wiki for a long time now (definitely not as long as others) but I summed up the courage to make an account here. I tend to make the smaller edits like grammar and capitalization to give the Wiki a smoother aesthetic, and I hardly make major edits to pages, due to the fact that I'm not too familiar with the bigger parts of Wiki editing. Pikmin has been a part of my life for some time now, but I wouldn't call it an incredibly important part of my life, but I would definitely call it one of, if not, the best strategy/puzzle/whateveryouwanttocallit games out there. Considering how much I like Pikmin, I won't be leaving this wiki anytime soon. I have been inactive lately due to the release of Hey! Pikmin, but recently I gained a copy, so I might be a bit more active.

Pikmin Accomplishments


Story: Complete

Best Time: 27 Days

Challenge Mode: ???

Pikmin 2

Main Story: Complete

Bosses defeated: 12 out of 12

Treasure: 201/201

Challenge Mode

Will get to it eventually.

Pikmin 3

Story: Complete

Total Fruit Collected on Best Playthrough: ???

Mission Mode Records

Tropical Forest (Collect Treasure): Solo 1806 (Gold), Co-op 1502 (Silver)

Silver Lake (Collect Treasure): Solo 1105, Co-op 1553 (Bronze)

Thirsty Desert (Collect Treasure): Solo 2030 (Silver), Co-op 1846 (Bronze)

Twilight Hollow (Collect Treasure): Solo 1501 (Bronze), Co-op 1846 (Bronze)

Shaded Garden (Collect Treasure): Solo 1015, Co-op 2035 (Silver)

Tropical Forest Remix: Solo 1108 (Silver), Co-op 1287 (Silver)

Silver Lake Remix: High Score 810 (Bronze)

Thirsty Desert Remix: Solo 4247 (Silver), Co-op 3965 (Silver)

Twilight Hollow Remix: High Score 770 (None)

Shaded Garden Remix: High Score 775 (None)

Fortress of Festivity (Collect Treasure): Solo 5000 (Gold), Co-op 4365 (Silver)

The Rustyard (Collect Treasure): Solo 500 (None), Co-op 930 (None)

Beastly Caverns (Collect Treasure): Solo 1010 (None), Co-op 2057 (Bronze)

Forgotten Cove (Collect Treasure): High Score 1345 (Bronze)

Clockwork Chasm (Collect Treasure): Solo 1411 (Silver), Co-op 0 (None)


Other Things you Might Want to Know About Me

If you want to find me (I doubt it), I usually go by three names: TheTeslaBeast202, AmethystPixel, or AveragePIKFan. Me and my friend own a Discord server that was dedicated to the stories we write for fun, but we also do other things as well. If you are interested, here's the link: Please don't edit this profile (the entire thing). I change profile pictures often.

Personal Favorite Things in the Pikmin Games

Favorite Pikmin Game: Pikmin 2

Favorite Pikmin Type: Purple

Favorite Captain: Louie or Alph

Favorite Boss Overall: Man-at-Legs

Favorite Boss From Pikmin: Armored Cannon Beetle (if you consider it a boss)

Favorite Boss from Pikmin 3: Scornet Maestro

Favorite Regular Enemy Overall: Careening Dirigibug

"The Green Thunder strikes like lightning!" -Mr. L

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