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  • Add more images to Template:Featured Image.
  • Clean up Pikmin School.
  • Add even more(!) images to Template:Featured Image.
  • Add more excerpt links to Template:Excerpt.
  • Create infobox for Pikmin 1 ship parts. Refer to this.
  • Add pages for obstacles (gates, long grass, paper bags...) (why don't we have any of those already?). And categorise them all into Category:Obstacles.
  • Clean up Pikmin:Searching and make it relevant to this site.
  • Page Footers.
  • Take Pikmin 2 Challenge Mode level screenshots.
  • Get images for Hazards.
  • Add {{Screenshot}} to images.
  • Split forums.
  • Get better Essence of Desire image.
  • Categorise articles at Special:Uncategorizedpages (see Forum: A few things.).
  • Finish the Monobook skin (User:Greenpickle/monobook.css); fix for IE.
  • Pikmin 1 notes - make sure templates are fine, add to pages, update current projects.
  • Main Page/draft.
  • Add Use sections to all applicable templates.
  • Improve template if statements based on template:free.
  • Categorise all images.


Ordered alphabetically.

Pikmin weights

I've noticed that, though Yellow Pikmin are supposedly lighter than other Pikmin types, they still count as one on the scales and paper bags. I have calculated what their weight should in theory be by analysing how they are thrown compared to other Pikmin, and it turns out (I think) that they weigh 0.77 times that of Red, Blue and White Pikmin. Purple Pikmin's flight paths disobey the laws of mechanics...so I can't find out if my method's accurate.

Also, another thought: shouldn't whites weigh less because they're the smallest? I guess the only explanation is that they're more dense. Poison is dense?