Hi everyone! I'm Sir Pikmin and I love pikmin and pikmin related things.I'm cautiously awaiting the arrival of Pikmin 3

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The pikmin don't remember much of anything they see but they will always remember Captain Olimar. He brought the pikmin tribes together at a time when a pikmin civil war was deemed imminent. He taught the pikmin his language(English) and greatly increased pikmin populations so that they pikmin will always have a strong army. He taught one pikmin of each color how to lead a group of pikmin and how to get their attention. Most importantly though, he discovered a mysterious candypop bud with the power to fuse pikmin and their powers together, but Olimar feared this strange plant's power and sealed the bud away in the hidden fifteenth floor of the Dream Den. Now the pikmin, without Olimar but with leaders to guide them, refuse to go near the Dream Den because of the dark energies below.That is except for one brave group of pikmin....

This is just a preview for my new pikmin game called Pikmin:Redemption. If you want to learn more go here. Yes, I know it was evil of me to make you go to another website to learn more. I don't really care what you think.