Pikmin Wiki
June 25th

Greetings, Wikians! Nice to see you all here for another Monthly Newsletter! Deeb writing to you, as usual!

To start, I just wanted to make a little announcement about an amazing YouTube channel: Press A!! This channel makes spectacular videos, many of which are Pikmin-related! You'll find a bunch of cool challenges and more, so I highly recommend a visit to their page, linked above!

Additionally, the next Wiki Contest is here, suggested by Hungrymog: Design a boss battle based around a home appliance! I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Next, this month's Monthly Off-Topic Thread! Have fun chatting about whatever you please!

Here is the Weekly Wiki Debate for this week!

Here are the Woko totals of the month! Great job collecting them, everyone! Feel free to make a purchase at the Woko Shop for as low as five Wokos!

  • SuperBeast8: WokoIconx1
  • StubbornSnitchbug: WokoIconx42
  • Cometspace: WokoIconx10
  • Crystal the Rare Thwok: WokoIconx17
  • Cakelegs: WokoIconx21
  • Ziothedirector: WokoIconx14
  • Tsunami Mastero: WokoIconx15
  • Yellow Pikmin Jake: WokoIconx2
  • Soul the le epik kretsnik: WokoIconx18
  • Yoitsme me: WokoIconx9
  • Fxvenny: WokoIconx3
  • CoconutNoggin120: WokoIconx17
  • Bungerlover2: WokoIconx2
  • E12isQ: WokoIconx1
  • XoCandyHeartzXo: WokoIconx27
  • Lukas Schmieder: WokoIconx19
  • Tigist Gudeta: WokoIconx10
  • Hungrymog: WokoIconx25
  • Bluec44/Bluec444: WokoIconx2
  • LUCASMARIO77777: WokoIconx1
  • Muddleduck: WokoIconx22
  • Spinnerabc: WokoIconx8
  • Beetos3432: WokoIconx21
  • Ice-jin: WokoIconx17
  • Lunarberryz: WokoIconx4
  • Papernoggin42: WokoIconx5
  • SilverBreeze09: WokoIconx1
  • MaybeConcave: WokoIconx7

Next, our Bounty Pages for the week!

That's the end of this newsletter! Thanks for reading, and have an outstanding month!