Watery Blowhog
Watery blowhog
Appears in Pikmin 2
Pikmin 3
Scientific name Sus loogiens
Family Blowhog
Areas Pikmin 2
Valley of Repose
Wistful Wild
Pikmin 3
Formidable Oak
Underground areas Pikmin 2
Snagret Hole
Shower Room
Cavern of Chaos
Hole of Heroes
Dream Den
Challenge Mode levels Pikmin 3
Battle Enemies
Silver Lake (x2)
Fortress of Festivity (x4)
Forgotten Cove
Collect Treasure
Beastly Cavern
2-Player and Bingo Battle levels None
Carry weight
7 in Pikmin 2
5 in Pikmin 3 N/A
Max. carriers
15 in Pikmin 2
10 in Pikmin 3 N/A
Size 52mm
Seed worth 8
Treasure value PokoIconx4 in Pikmin 2
PokoIconx30 in Pikmin 3
Attacks Sprays water
Hit points 1000

Watery Blowhogs (<ミズブタ, Mizu Buta, lit. "Water Pig") look exactly like Fiery Blowhogs, except that their snouts are tipped with a shade of blue instead of red, and they appear only in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. Instead of fire, they spit out non-flammable liquid (water) that gets stuck on the heads of the Pikmin, excluding Blue Pikmin and Bulbmin. Leaders will be pummeled to the ground if they are caught in the blast, making this one of the only times where leaders can be damaged by water. Bulbmin and Blue Pikmin are the best Pikmin species to combat this creature, due to their water resistance. Purple Pikmin may work as well, just as long as they are thrown on top of the Blowhog, which will temporarily stun it. Blowing the whistle in the area the water is spewed can cancel out the attack and save the Pikmin caught in the spray instantly.

Just like the Fiery Blowhog, it has lightly colored segments that are hard to see.


Olimar's Notes

"A variant subspecies of the fiery blowhog, the watery blowhog lacks several of the dominant genes necessary for the production of fire-producing catalysts, and thus expels jets of the nonflammable liquid. This subspecies appears to have only recently evolved. However, the hereditary traits of this variant are dominant and highly robust, so its population is rapidly increasing."

Louie's Notes

"This beast's unrivaled moistness gives it a melt-in-the-mouth quality that's incomparable."

Nintendo Player's Guide

"You can tell a Watery Blowhog by its blue snout. The beast spits water and causes non-blue Pikmin to be lost in bubbles. If you're traveling with a large Pikmin army, swarm the Watery Blowhog and be ready to save the bubble-bound soldiers with your whistle."

Pikmin 3 Prima Guide

"A Watery Blowhog attacks by shooting water out of its snout. When battling one of these creatures, use your Blue Pikmin to attack the Watery Blowhog without any casualties. If your squad contains only a small amount of Blue Pikmin, use them to distract the Watery Blowhog, then flank the creature and have your more vulnerable Pikmin charge from the rear."

Battle Strategy

Pikmin 2

Simply swarm the Blowhog. The Pikmin should be called back when the Blowhog begins to buck. If the Pikmin are thrown off, they usually lose their flowers, and non-Blues will have trouble with the water jet. Calling the Pikmin with the whistle will save them if they are hit by the powerful blast. You can also leave some Blues alone to face the Watery Blowhog without harm, but steer the Blowhog away from any potential hazards. An alternate strategy is to simply throw Purple Pikmin at the Blowhog. Their massive girth should flatten the Blowhog without any issues. 

Pikmin 3

Gather a reasonable amount of Blue Pikmin (at least 10) and throw half of your Blue Pikmin on it. Once it throws the Blue Pikmin off, throw the other half onto it's back. You do not need to do anything else, as the Watery Blowhog is unable to do any harm to Blue Pikmin, as they are waterproof. Make sure to be careful if any hazards other than Water Hazards are nearby, as the Watery Blowhog can launch the Pikmin into the hazard. If this happens, whistle the Pikmin back to you.


Merely punching will do. There is a certain distance in which the captains can harm the Blowhog, but not vice-versa, as the kick won't reach the captains.



  • The original name for the Watery Blowhog was "Spitty Blowhog."
  • The Watery Blowhog is one of the only enemies that spew water that can be shown on the Pikmin's flowers.
  • In Pikmin 3, Story Mode has only one Watery Blowhog, located in the Formidable Oak. There are others in Bingo Battle and Mission Mode.
    • And since all the enemies in the Formidable Oak are illusions, you could say that no real Watery Blowhog appears in the game's Story Mode. This is also the case with the Shearwig.
    • Dead Watery Blowhog bodies now require 5 Pikmin to carry in Pikmin 3, instead of 7 like in Pikmin 2.

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