Whimsical Radar
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 20
Max. Carriers 40 Pikmin
Location Forest of Hope

The Whimsical Radar (きまぐれなレーダー, "Kimagurena Rēdā") is one of the ship parts found in Pikmin. It is the only part that has another function besides helping the Dolphin run, allowing Olimar the ability to see all ship parts and Pikmin in the area with just one glance at the monitor of the Dolphin. The Ship in Pikmin 2 also appears to have a radar.


Discovery Notes:

"It's my Whimsical Radar! With this, I'll be able to see all nearby ship parts in a single glance—I just press Y to check it. This find fills me with great hope."

Ship Log

"This important part can detect the locations of the other missing parts. The radar will be added to my monitor, which I can press Y to view. C zooms in and out. This will surely help me in my search for the remaining parts!"

Collecting the Part

Whimsical Radar

The Whimsical Radar, near a group of Yellow Pikmin.

This part is to the right of where the Yellow Onion is first found. It is resting on a ledge that any Pikmin can reach. Destroy the stone gate using the nearby Bomb Rocks, then defeat the Dwarf Bulborbs and Spotty Bulborb. Its sonar can be heard ringing as Olimar approaches it, so it is very easy to locate. You can also opt out of using more bomb rocks by going around behind your base into the area crawling with Male and Female Sheargrubs. After killing all harmful enemies, you can throw Pikmin onto the ledge and allow them to carry the Whimsical Radar back safely.


  • When the part is first collected, it briefly extends on a retractable boom before quickly retracting back into the ship. After the collection cutscene it continues to rotate but does not extend again.
  • This is one of the ship parts that is visible on the outside of the ship.
    • It is located on the ventral surface of the ship directly opposite the Radiation Canopy.

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