White Spectralid
White spectralids
Appears in
Pikmin 3
Family Flitterbie
Areas Pikmin 3
Garden of Hope
Challenge Mode levels None
2-Player and Bingo Battle levels N/A
Carry weight 1
Max. carriers 1
Seed worth 1
Attacks None
White Spectralids are small butterfly creatures in Pikmin 3. They have white wings, very fuzzy bodies, red eyes and two small feet they use to stand on things. They are very aesthetic, as they will fly around any level and land on almost any surface, usually flowers, Pellet Posies, or the eyes or back of a sleeping Bulborb. Unlike other Spectralids, this type of Flitterbie drops nothing.


Pikmin 3 Prima Guide

"The White Spectralids is a harmless flying creature. Unless Pikmin cultivation is your priority, it's usually best to ignore these enemies. 

If you choose to attack a White Spectralids, use Winged Pikmin to defeat the creature with ease. If that's not an option, wait for the White Spectralids to land, then toss a single Pikmin onto its back."

Battle Strategy

Any type of Pikmin can be thrown directly at a White Spectralids to defeat it instantly. The player must, however, remain a considerable distance away from the creature, as it will fly away if any Captain gets too close; this is not a problem for Winged Pikmin , as they will give chase, making them the best option for defeating these creatures.



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